Costco Offers Driveway Bollards to Combat Auto Theft

Costco Offers Driveway Bollards to Combat Auto Theft

As auto theft continues to rise, more homeowners are turning to driveway bollards for added security. Recognizing this growing trend, Costco has started offering manual retractable bollards from Driveway Bollards at select locations, allowing more consumers to protect their vehicles effectively.

Popularity and Effectiveness

Driveway bollards are becoming increasingly popular due to their visible and robust deterrent against car theft. By creating a physical barrier, these bollards provide peace of mind and tangible security for vehicle owners.

Costco’s Strategic Move

Costco’s decision to include our bollards in their product lineup highlights the increasing demand for reliable security solutions. This strategic move ensures that high-quality, effective bollards are accessible to a broader audience.

Our bollards have been featured in various notable publications, underscoring their effectiveness and growing popularity:

  • The Toronto Star covers how Costco is addressing auto theft with our bollards.
  • The National Post discusses the trend of installing bollards in residential areas.
  • The Toronto Sun highlights the surge in bollard installations.
  • CTV News shares stories of successful theft prevention with our bollards.

Additionally, our bollards went viral on Instagram, featured by @costcofindscanada, which further validates their popularity and effectiveness.



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Secure your driveway with Driveway Bollards, now available at select Costco locations.